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School Visits and Presentations


Laura is an award-winning children’s book author. She writes picture books and is also currently working on a middle-grade novel. Being a former teacher, her presentations are fun, lively, interactive, and educational. She strives to make sure that the students not only enjoy the presentations, but that they also come away with new ideas and skills to apply to their own creativity, reading, and writing, that also connect with grade-level curriculum.  

First Books

Access to New Books for Children in Need.
If you are an educator in a Title 1 school,
please feel free to ask me about First Books.


“I’ve been teaching for over 20 years, and this was one of the best presentations I’ve ever seen. It hits all of the ‘hot spots’!”—Union Mill Elementary, VA, Kindergarten Teacher

“You did a fantastic job engaging the students with your book. They genuinely enjoyed the entire presentation and many of the students returned to the class motivated to write their own stories. Thank you!”—Deer Park Elementary, VA, 2nd grade teacher

“I have seen a lot of author visits over the years and I believe you were one, if not the, best I’ve ever seen. You were thorough and really showed your passion. I will definitely recommend your visit to other schools. I also really appreciated how much time and compassion you took to sign the books. You had an amazing feel for the kids and really held their attention! I thought all parts, your story, the writing and revision process, the interactive game were age appropriate and fun. We are writing all-about books and my students are fired-up to write their “own” books now.” - Churchill Road ES, VA, Ms. Robosky – teacher

“Thank you so much! Your presentation with the kids at SSSAS last year still stands out in my mind as the best we saw all year. It's clear you were a classroom teacher before this life as a fabulous author!”  - St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, VA, Ms. Bell – Librarian

“After meeting you via Skype, the students took your advice and started writing new stories. Their imaginations were rolling. How wonderful! One of my students asked me to send the writing contest information to his mother because he really wants to enter. It was absolutely amazing how your talk inspired them to write even more. Normally when we finish writing, the students do peer editing and revising. We decided today that they should meet with multiple people until they think their story is the best it can be. We discussed again how you had to revise over 50 times to create your book. It was amazing to see the energy! It excites me to see what might happen as the year progresses! Thank you again! We will treasure this for a long time.”—Rochester Elementary, IL, 2nd grade Teacher

“Thank you SO Much! I have heard nothing but positive and glowing reviews from the teachers and students. Some of us are already plotting on when we can get you back to Crossfield and we cannot wait for the new books in the series. So many teachers commented about the way that you personalized the books that you signed and how much time and thought you put into each book. Those books will be such great memories for those kids for years to come!” - Crossfield ES, VA, Ms. Giglio – Librarian

“Great presentation—my entire class was engaged and eager to hear more. We loved the pictures and connection to your ideas at a young age, and the connection to the writing SOLs for my 5th graders. We also really liked how you showed the process of writing a book and the different stages.”—McSwain Elementary, VA, 5th grade Teacher

“I greatly appreciated that my students heard about the whole process in producing a book. Your presentation was on target for my first graders and we all LOVED it!” - Glebe Elementary, VA. Ms. Snader – 1st grade teacher

“It was an excellent presentation and I will definitely recommend you to fellow librarians. The kids were engaged and interested, and we loved the use of visuals and props! Many teachers commented on how much they enjoyed it as well, and they loved that you were a teacher too. Some of them mentioned that they would like to be an author someday, and it was great to see that it is possible!”—Deer Park Elementary, VA, Librarian

“Thank you for coming in and teaching and entertaining our kids and staff! Your presentations received the most positive response of any other authors I’ve hosted in my seven years at Cardinal Forest. Your experiences as a teacher were evident in each of your three presentations for K-6th, and your ability to connect with our audiences of 200 kids was superb. We’re looking forward to another visit in the future…and more Gingerbread Man books!” - Cardinal Forest ES, VA, Mr. Maniscalo – Librarian

“What a wonderful day! I am still getting glowing comments from teachers. I am also using things that you said and did in my own lessons. My first author visit with you sets an extremely high bar!”—McSwain Elementary, VA, Librarian

"You are obviously passionate about writing and your high energy interaction with our students was top notch.  We were blessed to have you read aloud to our students during Read Across America Day <via SKYPE>, and were thrilled when you allowed our students to ask you questions as well as show you their Gingerbread creations! You made each of our students feel special by giving them individualized compliments during their show and tell. You are a class act!" - Tuscola CUSD, IL, Ms. Smith – Technology Director

“The presentations were fantastic – the kids are still talking about your visit this week. Thanks for the fun and engaging talks and for all of your organization and positive energy. It’s clear you love what you do and you are so good at it! We are looking forward to the new books coming down the pike!” - Tuckahoe Elementary, VA, Ms. Nisco – Librarian

“The students were very excited and we loved the photos, personal touches, and the gingerbread man that travels in the presentation. At first I was concerned about the interest level for 4th graders, but it was wonderfully entertaining and age-appropriate. I especially appreciated that the content was relevant, because we are currently doing a writing project, and the students need to hear about drafts, editing, and revising.”—McSwain Elementary, VA, 4th grade Teacher

“Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation! The teachers and students were in awe over your energy and enthusiasm.”—St. John Academy, VA, Librarian

Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit

Feel free to contact Laura to schedule a visit for your smart cookies! 

Free SKYPE Virtual Visit Dates, Giveaways, Seasonal Activities, and upcoming news & events run quarterly in Laura’s Activities Newsletter. If you are interested, please consider joining the Activities Newsletter at the top of the page and passing the information along to educators at your school. 

What Students can look forward to during an author visit...


  • An enthusiastic, energetic, and educational presentation including PowerPoint & props. (Laura works to connect the ideas presented, with CC/Standards for Writing & Language Arts skills.) 

  • Behind the scenes peek at being an author

  • How ideas become stories, and stories become books

  • Story Building Questions

  • Audience participation through an interactive reading, a Gingerbread Man Quiz Show,  “Where in the World is the Gingerbread Man?”, Reader’s Theater, or Think Quick Trivia (depending on grade level.)

  • Writing Tips on generating ideas, character motivation & conflict, revision & perseverance (older grades)

  • Tips to encourage young writers to enter writing/illustrating contests (older grades)

  • Q&A and much more!

Laura Murray School Visit

Fan mail makes me smile every time I look at it on my office wall:

Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit
Laura Murray School Visit
The Gingerbread Man
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