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Gingerbread Man Escapes from all over the World!

Well, at the start of the school year Gingerbread Men were escaping from their classrooms all over the world! Thanks so much to Tina Cho, for sharing this very cute photo of the confectionary escapees all the way from the International Christian School in Pyeongtaek, South Korea!

Schools often do a Gingerbread Man Loose in the School hunt at the beginning of the school year as a fun way to orient students to the school and the staff. The Gingerbread Man also tend to get loose around the holidays or at a time when your class is studying folk/fairy tales. If you think that Gingerbread Men might be getting loose in your school sometime soon, and you would like a few fun resources to connect to the hunt, you can find Printable Hunt clues, GB Man Missing Posters, and many other GB Man book-related activities and lesson plans HERE or on the GB Man Pinterest boards .

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