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The Gingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo

The Gingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo 
by Laura Murray
Illustrated by Mike Lowery
G. P. Putnam’s Sons    
ISBN  978-0-399-16867-3


Gingerbread Man Loose in the Zoo Poster
Gingerbread Loose in the Zoo Poster

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Awards & Honors

  • Junior Library Guild Selection

  • Nominated for the Bill Martin Martin Jr. Children’s Choice Award, Kansas


Back for a fourth adventure, this smart cookie cavorts across the zoo, where many animals are ready for a nibble. The Gingerbread Man's class is on a field trip. The teacher has prepared a scavenger hunt of riddles to lead them to many different animals in the zoo. The first one poses: "I'm spotted. I'm gentle. / I'm tall as a tree. A branch full of leaves is / the best snack for me. / I have a new baby, / and she is my calf." "AH-HA!" the class shouts; the answer’s…(dramatic page turn included)…"GIRAFFE!" But just when the Gingerbread Man is about to read the next clue, the giraffe's long tongue curls around him and lifts him up for a quick munch…luckily he escapes, but the class is long gone. He must answer the rest of the riddles in order to find them. A delicious outing for one and all.  —Kirkus Reviews

In his fourth picture book, Murray’s Gingerbread Man accompanies his human classmates to the zoo, where they decode clues to identify various animals. Some creatures find the fast-moving cookie to be a tempting treat, including a giraffe with an equally quick tongue: “My classmates were busily reading clue two./ Oh, no, I cried out. She’s beginning to chew!” After a few narrow escapes, the Gingerbread Man comes out on top by reuniting a lost kangaroo joey with its mother.
Zingy rhymes and cartooning make this a high-stakes, high-energy readaloud.  —Publisher’s Weekly

The Gingerbread Man is loose once more, this time accompanying his class to the zoo...young readers will pick up on the rhythm of the text quickly and are sure to start clapping and dancing along to the beat, which makes it a great read-aloud choice. The text also includes riddles about different animals, which are well placed in relation to page turns, so that readers have a chance to solve the riddles before the answers are revealed. The animals are illustrated in bright colors and with friendly faces that match the active tone. Fans of graphic novels will appreciate the panel illustration format, text boxes, and speech bubbles. VERDICT Recommended…especially for libraries with active storytime or read-aloud programs. —School Library Journal

He's already taken a field trip to the fire station. Now, in the fourth Gingerbread Man book, it's time to visit the zoo. "It's zippity zoo day! Get ready to go. Let's load up the bus, and find out what you know," says the teacher handing out clues to an animal scavenger hunt. The Gingerbread Man rises to the challenge:
"I'll be a detective. I know that I can! I'll solve all these clues. I'm the Gingerbread Man!" Things go awry when a giraffe [& others] mistake him for food...undaunted, the GB man follows the scavenger hunt clues around the zoo &, with the help of a lost joey, finally finds his classmates. Murray & Lowery's consistently winning recipe includes bouncy, ear-pleasing rhymes & spry, varied illustrations. With school back in session, where will this sweet group of students--and their loyal cookie pal--go next?"The Horn Book




Fractured Fairy Tale Fun! 


Is there anything more fun than a class trip to the zoo? The Gingerbread Man and his classmates don’t think so, and they get to solve riddles on a WILD scavenger hunt. They meet giraffes, monkeys, and even a fox (especially scary for a Gingerbread Man!). 
But a zoo full of critters is a tricky place for a tasty cookie—even a very fast one—and the Gingerbread Man ends up separated from his friends. He needs to solve all of the riddles to catch up with his class and help someone else who is lost. 
I’ll be a detective. I know that I can!
I’ll solve all these clues. I’m the Gingerbread Man!
Animals galore and a trail of clues make the Gingerbread Man’s latest adventure his wildest one yet.

The Gingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo
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