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The Gingerbread Man Buttons on the Loose 
by Laura Murray
Illustrated by Mike Lowery
G. P. Putnam’s Sons    
ISBN  9780593532409




“Murray’s rhyming text lends itself well to a read-aloud but will also hold solo readers’ attention. Lowery’s artwork uses an effective combination of full-page images and paneled scenes. . . No doubt fans of the picture books starring this edible detective will enjoy this tale.”—Kirkus Reviews

“It’s winning times two in this breezy summation of the frustration and triumph surrounding a beloved lost object, embodied by one smart cookie who’s also cute as a button.”
—Publishers Weekly



This fan-favorite Gingerbread Man is loose in graphic novels for the earliest readers!

The Gingerbread Man loves living in his gingerbread house at school. The kids there made him and baked him, gave him a hat and a little bow tie, and—oh no! His two candy buttons are missing!

This smart cookie starts searching right away, looking all over the school. And luckily, he meets someone who is a great help and a new friend.

This Gingerbread Man’s series of graphic novels is for the youngest readers, full of the hilarious rhymes and action-packed escapades kids know and love from his picture books.

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